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 is a Business Directory Listing Service for restaurants and other businesses in Estonia.

  We are not preccessing or delivering food. We are just listing restaurants and their services on our website that costumers can easly order direcly from the restaurants.

 With, you get access to the menus of hundreds of restaurants, as well as see their ratings and special offers. Our mission is to save your money and time.

Entrepreneur: BALABANLAR Osaühing

Registration code: 12207491

Aleksander Puškini 12, 20308 Narva

Tel: 59812810

What are our advantages?

  • We provide the most complete information about promotions and discounts of all restaurants.
  • We will always advise you on the most advantageous offers and help you deal with them.
  • We provide the largest and most complete list of all restaurants. We select restaurants that meet your exact requirements.
  • You can place an order to restaurants directly in a way convenient for you, through the portal, mobile applications or simply by calling.
  • The process of ordering food by internet even faster. A few seconds after placing your order, your order arrives at the restaurant’s kitchen.
  • The objective rating of the portal helps you make the right choice and, as a result, order delicious food.
  • Only happy people work in our company and we always share our happiness with our users.
  • Using our portal, you will always find pleasant surprises.
  • With us, you can easily get bonuses and discounts from our partners directly.

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